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  • toontoon toontoon May 13, 2007 02:30 Flag

    We don't need Sam !!!

    Pls.. Pls.. Sherphed! We don't wanna see big sam leading our toons next season. He is definitely not the man suit to us. Come on. We deserve better managers match to our club status here, you've been appointing wrong men for the last 5 seasons n let all the toon fans down!!!
    instead we need manager like ramos (sevilla's) who could lead players playing enjoyful football.

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    • I'm sorry but as far as i'm concerned Sam Allardyce is absolutely the man for the job. You talk about Ramos, but why would he want to manage us when he is about to take Sevilla to the Champions League and has been challenging for La Liga most of the season.

      Sam Allardyce is a brilliant manager and i know he has only been a success at one club, but he was there for 8 seasons and guided Bolton from division one to the UEFA cup. He has heaps of ambition which he could not show to his full potential due to lack of funds at Bolton. Now he is with a club that has a bit of money to spend...imagine his ability with a bit of back up.

      The criticism that a lot of Newcastle fans like myself face is the fact that we ask too much from our team, and I have always replied this is not the case and that 10 years ago we were challenging for the title, and now we are in utter obscurity and in mid table positions every season, we should be qualifying for the UEFA cup every season.

      However we have to be realistic, currently we can't attract a manager like Ramos to Newcastle, we finished 13th in the league. Why would a champions league manager want to come to us?

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      • Newcastle have some real quality players, money to spend and all the resources to get you right up there with the big boys, So why hasnt it happened? I can understand the fans asking questions and expecting more than what is dished up week to week! Allardyce has gone for the challenge but also has the knowledge and backing to sort out the imbalance which has rendered the team inaffective! Although im a bolton fan, i do have a lot of friends that are die hard toon fans and it is a sorry state of affairs when i hear them talk about their team the way they do! Lets see what happens next season and look forward to seeing you at the reebok.

    • I never knew that you were all comedians up there! does anyone within a 10 mile radius of SJP actually have a constructive thing to say? you wouldnt rush a player of owens caliber back on the pitch unless he was match fit, but what about the rest of your injured players? You practicallly have another squad under doctors orders! your team doctor is a bit too free and easy with the sick notes!
      You need players on the pitch to be a team capable of beating anyone else! does the team talk consist of "roll over and play dead?"

    • considering what managers you have had and where you are in the table I think your right! stopping you lot going down is a miracle in itself really! and you cant polish #$%$ no matter how good the rag! your team surrenders easier than the french do! he will need to make the blind see again with the state of your strike force, they might have a chance if they can see the goal! I did expect a better reply than that to be quite honest! silly me eh? sarcasm really doesnt become you!

    • ok, point taken! apologies for the personal remarks! it was out of order.... My last comment on this subject is wait and see, you may be rewarded with the results you desire! Now Ill sod off to my own board and leave you in peace!

    • Look how he's done at Bolton. He is one manager the other managers fear as he can beat them. just ask arsene wenger. always a thorn in his side. i wish my team could beat arsenal. you lucky people. All this talk of boring football when quite frankly trophies is what u want to brag about. unless you are used to not winning and dont want success then carry on as usual for the next 50 years. im not trying to be offensive, just an observation. Dont bet against Sam doing well cos i now fear your gonna be a top 5 side. Mark my words peeps.

      If we didnt have Jol i'd take Big Sam all day long

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      • So big Sam tomorrow then. Just how many trophies has he won exactly? (compared with say, for example, Gerard Houllier or even Sven?) If you want my opinion - and even if you don't - this appointment has more to do with qualifying for the UEFA cup as a minimum each season, regardless of how the football is played that gets us there, or how embarrasing the outcome is when we try to "long-ball" it against the Spaniards, Dutch and Italians. (& the other point is that Sam may spend what little dosh there is on back-room staff not players thus keeping FF's costs down) And all just so that our "esteemed" Chairman FF can carry on raking it in. I don't doubt that FF would love us to win something so that he can crow, but as long as we can get the Euro telly cash he won't care too much. I expect that I will take up decorating the hosue of a weekend next season as wathcing the paint dry is probably going to be more entertaining than sitting in SJP. Alas, I remember Gordon Lee.....

    • Allardyce is a bluffer out of the lawrie mcmenemy mould,
      It is a disgrace that the club should try and sign someone like that. Firstly he is still under investigation for bungs - he has also done the dirty on Bolton -- but most of all it shows how Sheppard works -- HE HAS GOT TO GO!

      Get out of Newcastle Shepperd and give potatoe head a job at one of your scrap yards -

    • OI f**kwit, sam is a damn site better than the #$%$ you have had before, hell show you boys how to play effective football, (may not be pretty but your results dont need much to improve do they?) thats something you know nothing about! your a guaranteed 6 point club, and thats what we got! REMEMBER? your rubbish and you need a miracle, thats what your getting, so shut up and watch you whinging muppet! once you start to win games it will be different!
      the only achievement newcastle have had is chris rea!

    • Sorry to tell you this but you've got Big Sam and a Mackem as his no2 you will hear confirmation soon