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    You will have the last laugh with Big Sam


    I see you are all getting quite a bit of abuse over bringing in Allardyce, but I suspect you will be laughing last as he's a fantastic manager who's record speaks for itself. I have long thought that if he managed a big club with large enough resources to compete with the best, he could take a club to the top 5. Maybe not immediately next season, but I doubt you will be underachieving anymore.

    Congratulations on signing what should be the England manager, and what is to me the most underrated and unappreciated manager in the league. I think you are gonna go places now. :)

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    • Any chance Sam's son is the agent representing the club's transfer? Potato head quit Bolton because the board did not trust him anymore with transfer. His interest in Newcastle is because there is a bigger transfer kitty, which means he can wet his pocket deeper!

    • Nah!! I dont think that would happen! everyone seems so upbeat about the changes being made at the club so far! Its seen as a new beginning by most and I dont think the way your going is down!

    • It could end up worse...

      ...they could end up relegated!!!

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! DONT TEMPT FATE!!! ;o)

    • its good to see sams getting rid of the deadwood so quick
      he does seem to have an i for relatively unknown players but what exites me more is he will looking into our ongoing injury problems which should have been done a long time ago
      roll on next season cant be any worse

    • Too right Jabber lad, all that we can do now is to wait and see just what possible new gems with decent talents, and what new kind of backbone he can put back into some of the players at the club now!

      At least he's already started showing his hand to the players there, by getting rid of some of them. But as always, it's who he will bring in, and what they can offer towards the team itself, which will show us just what he may be capable of in the season(s) to come . . .

      Although, there may still be more of them to leave yet - going off N'zogbia's texting and refusal to be a sub on bench. And Martins deciding just not to turn up for the match at all . . .? Perhaps he had a Bookies to visit with a tip from someone????

      But, all we can do is to see what he can unearth from now on, and get going from now until new season begins.

      Nuff Said . . . For now anyway!

    • Hey G.G

      It doesnt matter what facts and information you post in here, the anti-Geordie brigade will still pop up and post their rubbish views about stuff they dont know!

      Using words like 'endeth' to try and sound 'Ye olde England official' but making themselves look stupider than they normally do in the long run.

      Long live NUFC!!! Howay the Toon!!! ;o)

    • In what circumstances would SJP be uninhabitable? The 6 months will never ever apply.And, NUFC still have to stop paying the peppercorn ground rent for the council to have a case to take to court - even if they would, which is so unlikely as to be comical, for reasons I've already explained - & no court order , no move. As for the compensation value - the development costs of SJP are in the tens of millions already (published stuff, check your history, & with more on the way) so that would be one way of deriving a valuation of the "bricks and mortar". Failing that the cost of a "suitable replacement" could be used - in other words we do a smoggie - buy some old industrial site (Newburn Riverside for example) - for peanuts - and use the compo to put up the new stadium (the cost of the suitable replacement, duh).In any event, unlike the poor sods whose grounds are mortgaged to the hilt and are no more than two poor season away from the bailifs, it'll never happen. The City Council would never sell.

    • that is the biggest pile of twaddle i have ever read

      under the leasehold law 1985, the land owner may remove/demolish any building that is not habitable (being lived in), this process in the worse case scenario should take no more than 6 months, a bit longer if the building is habitable, the land owner will be obliged to compensate the leaseholder, but only to the amount of what the bricks and mortar are worth, NOT how much revenue will be lost, so newcastle football club would probably be compensated no more than 1 mill from the city council, it is up to the leaseholder to find the costs for a new stadium and land for themselves,

      here endet the lesson mcn

    • Oh dear it's come back. A little lesson for you in property law. The freehold is assigned under a lease which dates back A number of years (pre-Keegan) ago when the council did think about selling, but didn't & renewed the lease instead. Now it has a great many years to run (90 odd I think which is far from ideal with a club that's been around and winning stuff for nearly 120 years, but there's a lot as could happen in the next 90+). The council (freeholder) cannot sell up without the agreement of (& paying compensation to, worth probably the cost of a new ground, to the leaseholder - NUFC)The buildings etc are owned by the club and they would have to be compensated for as well. The council aren't allowed to "build flats" anymore anyway - Thatch put paid to all that council house stuff, a bit before your time I guess, and B-Liar hasn't changed it. As for FF buying the Town Moor - wrong again - the Moor is owned by the Freemen of Newcastle in perpetuity and cannot be bought and sold, see details of a cracking April Fool some years ago when someone put up a sign next to the Blue House Roundabout claiming they were going to build on it - muppets like you were taken in all over the shop. As for the freehold, do you suppose that should the mortgage holder (that would be the bank that the cash is borrowed from) of say, Old Trafford needed to foreclose - due to none or late payment of the massive interest for example - that they would hesitate, even for a moment? on the other hand, the City of Newcastle councillors - most of whom live in Newcastle, have very good reasons for leaving well alone. These being (1) several tens of thousands of votes & their jobs, (2) their homes (3) possibly their health.... oh and by the way NUFC is a major employer (& benefit to the City) both directly and indirectly as well, and is likely to be getting bigger with the new Conference Centre, Casino etc etc on their way. Here endeth the lesson.GG.

    • I think you're dead right mate. For far too long now we've had managers with big ideas, but no real plans on how to achieve them. I think big Sam will go back to basics, and build from the bottom up. It's not just about buying expensive "big name" players, it's about the right players for the club and the way the manager wants to use them. I think he's the best thing to happen to my team in a long time. I'm 45 years old and cannot remember any glory days as a supporter, which is disgracful for a so called big club.

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