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  • toontoon toontoon May 18, 2007 05:48 Flag

    Finally bramble gone!!!

    I was so happy to read the news last night knowing that titus bramble is one of the players going in Sam's list. I've been dreaming this for long time since Sir Bobby's reign. though i'm still being rather conservative and retaining some doubt over sam coming in to our club, but thank for sending titus the way out, at least. He should have gone long time ago!!!! Other than that, i pray that sam's decision of clearing up would extend to some of the players i've been observing some time, babayaro, carr, pattison and luque, if i were the manager, all you will not exist in my team. especially luque, i was once thought u were a good professional player until u come to newcastle. you never show the fans your initiative n determination of winning games except the very 1st match played against man utd 2 seasons back!

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