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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jul 17, 2007 03:23 Flag

    This raid malarky!

    Yeah, he'll be gone from the club eventually, and then NUFC can finally progress somewhere without that cancer eating away at the heart of the club.

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    • Come on now you two - Don't you both know that Fat Freddie is actually quite an astute businessman in real life?

      I mean just think how long he has been here at SJP already . . . and has managed to pocket as many millions as has been spent on players over the years! (Along with the Hall's of course too!) ------- Allegedly ------ (i will add that just in case of getting a writ from them!) As they may wish to try and take my recent £10 lottery win off me too!

      So, as you can both clearly see, he certainly knows what he's doing concerning making money from various things, and keeping it . . . which is why he and they are still worth millions!

      Ironically, perhaps that is also why Ashley has kept him on for the moment, so as to be taught how to salt away similar vast quantities of cash too? Hey, you never really know do you?

      Lol . . .

      Nuff Said . . .