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  • TiltonRoad TiltonRoad Nov 17, 2007 01:25 Flag

    Who is the best striker at St James since Supermac ?

    As the thread asks, just who and why...

    Discuss please..

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    • Andy Cole.
      Why? - taking the criteria as a minimum 50 goals, so no Keegan, Bellamy or Gowling - he had best goals to games ratio 0.82 goals a game (les-0.62, shearer-0.52, quinn-0.50) we also made a profit on him approx £2m after wages (les would be a loss of 2.5 years wages as we bought him for £6m & sold for £6m, shearer cost us £15m plus another £30m in wages?? - so his goals cost us over £200k each).......well its a thought anyway!

    • Harsh words regarding the Mighty Quinn. I still remember his 4 goals on his debut v Leeds in a superb 5-2 win. Watched it in the family enclosure with the old man. Do you remember how the family enclosure was right next to the away end so all the little kids would have abuse, hockle and god knows what hurled at them from some Chelsea/Leeds psychos...great ground planning!

      Totally agree with all comments regarding Mr Dalglish. The football under him went down hill massively and his son was useless as well.

    • Quinn -- and whoever else in his era represented the ambition of the club at the time.
      Noneties playing for "upper crust" noneties who had no connecton whatsoever with inferior classes they regarde they had below them.

      Quinn was #$%$ - I saw him onece in a pub with a group of Newcastle players (in their blazers) on a Saturday, after they had returned from an away match - no-one, yes no-one took a blind bit of notice of him and the others -

      absolute #$%$

    • The hattrick Asprilla scored against Barcelona at SJP in 97 ...pure class.

    • It has to be Faustino Asprilla .He was of different class.

    • poooh, I can smell Feeeeeeeesh !!!!!!!

    • loved that story about the Blue Peter garden. Les and Dennis Wise. Front page of the NOTW. And then they admitted it wasnt them.

      Sold Les Ferdinand to Spurs for 6 million i think. He wasnt the same player when we bought him off you. Gazza wqas the best followed by Ginola. Brilliant

    • Without a doubt Alan Shearer for his dedication and professionalism, but in the bad old days of a roofless SJP and pee running down the stairs of the Gallowgate end Micky "who ate all the pies" Quinn was always entertaining to watch!

    • nowt against you bill
      we all know bobby shinton was'nt that good,i was a more of a rob mcdonald,frank pingel man myself!
      but without wanting to cause utter warfare on the "nufc"board i dropped that in for nigel,because he must be able to remember him.
      not been funny but he seems to spend a lot of time here.
      dont get me wrong i do not want to take you or roy on.i have'nt the "big words" unfortunatley
      but seeing your insight to our area,maybe you might of remembered him.
      this is not an attack