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  • Newcastle have been refused planning permission to build a new stadium on the town moor.

    Councilors said its bad enough having a fair ground there once a year, never mind a circus there once a fortnight.

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    • You sir are once again fanning the flames as you do on most of the boards you visit ,Brum,Villa,Newcastle,WHU,Leeds,Partick,etc etc most people stick to their club sites but you,ah well whatever turns you on son.You will be pleased to know i will not return ever can't be chewed on with the likes of you better things to do .Kay no offence was meant just a bit of banter i did not mean to upset you i don't think i have really i think you are made of sterner stuff.I called you Billy bonny lad because of your id nothing else.No need to reply or to have the last word its over as Roy used to say.

    • The message was for Kay and not you Billy or Nige or whoever you are today,Davey was right eh? anyway as you say i do not know Kay .well not as well as you do .she does like her football so thats good enough for me ,call this an olive branch if you like Kay it is meant sincerly.

    • well before you start chucking around any suggestions of 'sucking up' or admitting defeat. william, let's make this clear, no one side is admitting either, a truce has been called and being stuck to by both sides. I posted jokes and the like as a bit of humour, some people on this board enjoy a laugh even if a cantankerous ole git like you doesn't. Solution is simple, if you don't like my posts. or my muckers posts. don't read em...simple. Don't ever accuse me of sucking up though...and as for kayleigh, shes OK, you don't even know her so don't cast judgement on someone you don't know, have a go at me by all means, but leave the innocents alone.

      Oh and a merry Christmas to you too....baa humbug...

    • Fair points from you both ,believe me i do not pick on women but i do not like to hear or see a female swearing .There is no need, it just fills me with distaste. The girl Kay does not need any chew in her day, i sure cannot be bothered either so i will nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.This board must not become like some others are,the North East is above that i believe.I admit my early intentions were to get a bite, a bit like Kojack its just my shipyard days coming to the surface once in a while no need for it really is there? Kay read this slowly ,let it sink in and evaluate it in the context it is meant in,keep hold girl and good luck with the gallowers --a merry christmas to you all.

    • tut tut william

      Fancy picking on a woman. !!!Obviously your paranoia of women is coming through. Davey sums this up well........

      Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This
      Main Entry: mi·sog·y·nis·tic
      Pronunciation: m&-"säj-&-'nis-tik
      Function: adjective
      : having or showing a hatred and distrust of women

      Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

      Are you a cross dresser by any chance,? hatred of women is not a natural state, william

    • The little people can't resist a swipe Davey. but then what do so called women know about football, especially the eloquent ones.

    • Of course you can post what you like, but remember so can others.You don't like it when something differs from the Nigey party line though. do you lord protector?

    • Yes lets not get pesonal, your foul mouth is to much to bear

    • Lets not get pesonal mate, I'd rip you to shredds.
      Now run along, if you do actually want to talk football why don't you comment on my 'The Gunners Match' thread for example, otherwise please leave us all (meaning the entire geordie board) alone.

      I've got nothing more to say on the subject.

      Don't you sound just like the likes of Kovansdad, Davey, Spam-monkee etc. lol

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