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  • paul paul Dec 4, 2007 07:04 Flag

    cry baby barton

    instead of crying to the news papers that we are vicously picking on him and vererbly abusing him. The rock hard Mr Barton should let his game do the talking and give us a return on our investment after all nobody else wanted him how many games has he played? use your game and not your mouth joey yours faithfully the TOON ARMY

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    • aye and there was only 15 to 20 odd thousand of us then,puts the graveyard we have now to shame.

    • I must admit I am very disappointed with Mr. Barton so far.

      I appreciate that he was injured when he first arrived but at the time I thought it was an astute purchase by Big Sam. What Joey lacks in skill and natural flair he makes up for with grit and spirit.

      Choosing to use that powder-keg attitude attacking the paying customer who IMO are entitled to 'have a go' at the dross (and gutless) performances they are witnessing, is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot.

      Way to go Joey, that's how to endear yourself to the Toon Army!

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      • I agree with everything Barton has said - except Klivert, who was a total waste. True it was said by the wrong player, only been here 5 mins, & at the wrong time - showing against Liverpool lacked any care or passion, but what he said was TRUE.
        The atmosphere at St James is truely average these days & why would players come? Everytime I stand up & sing, those around me look at me as if im an idiot - yes I am in the 'library'. I believe you get what you deserve in life & we have got a bunch of smug overrated lazy players, which as much as it hurts me to say, is an exact fit for our recent (last 3 years) support.