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  • dillon dillon Jan 3, 2008 22:31 Flag

    Newcastle's Joey Barton refused bail

    About time the courts stood up to these prima donna thugs.

    Barton refused bail until his trial on 16th January 2008.. That'll learn him to mess with the boy's in blue.

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    • no davey, I'm not condoning either act, but Johnny Evans is not a name we see regularly appearing in the papers for, shall we say, anti social behaviour, to put it mildly. If Evans is guilty, he will (hopefully) be suitably dealt with., however, one thing for sure, Barton is a thug. Let there be no doubt about that.

      Barton has a dreadful record...most notably...he shoved a lit cigar into a team-mate Jamie Tandy's eye at a Christmas part in 2005, broke a pedestrians leg in Liverpool town centre , put another team-mate Ousmane Dabo in hospital leading to his getting the boot from Man City and a court date,....and now the latest incident.

      Barton needs sorting out not mommycodling, because he draws wages of £X0000 per week, should that put him above the law?

      Can you davey, or anyone else for that matter name a profession where the employees of some clubs abuse their role in society so much, and get away with it so often? Should we wait for Barton to blind someone, or kill someone before acting to protect decent citizens? As you point out, he is not Fred West or Sutcliffe, but he's not Gary Lineker either. There are not enough Linekers in modern football.

      How many times have we heard of these 'high society' rapes, or as they later transpire, a 'roasting' as the players call it. Are the girls involved innocent passers by or willing participants, getting cold feet or looking for a fast buck? (i said buck) Do the girls really go to these parties unknowing of what goes on at parties like that, or like a certain Desiree Washington who went 'unknowingly' to Mike Tysons bedroom.? Yea right.

      I dont think you can compare like for like here davey, The Evans situation is a one off, Barton's however is another piece of a seial of incidents which needs stopping.

    • What a farce, is it any wonder that crime is rife in this country....the judge has now changed his mind and thug Barton is to be bailed until 16th Jan !.

      Well, then next person Barton assaults before 16th Jan will have a good case to sue the court system. Barton is a loose canon than needs locking away..Period..