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  • keiran keiran Jan 10, 2008 02:13 Flag

    Sam's gone!

    Club owners and chairman today know nothing about football. Inconsistent reign's of managers = inconsistent results.

    Results haven't gone as hoped latley but it's not like we were going to get relagated.

    New owner, new chairman, nine new players in and 13 players out. Of course it's going to take time. How can a team gel with so much change?

    I just hope Ashley isn't another Fat Freddy.

    And I don't want Shearer as manager. He is a toon legend but not ready for such a HUGE job. We need someone with big club experience and trophy's in the cabinet and someone who doesn't care about ego's. A tactical, charismatic but at the same time, no nonsence coach.

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    • I agree the bloke has not been given any real time to sort things out and it is a ridiculous decision.

      However his tactics have left a lot to be desired and most of his signings have been disappointing to say the least.

      As for Shearer. Why not give him a chance? He is as well if not better qualified than K. Keegan was when he took the job and let's face it the Keegan years were the most enjoyable by far in my lifetime as a fan.

    • The chairman has got it wrong this time, he should stay out of the crowd and concentrate on being a chairman, you can only blame "Big Sam" so much, its the ineptitude of the players we should be shouting about. The players are earning big money and not performing, why are they not leaving by mutual consent....
      Also "shearer" is not ready, please we need some consistency

    • Newcastle and Managers being sacked. The club have no idea how to treat Managers and will therefore never achieve success until they change this attitude. Success does not happen overnight. This is one cliub the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc have no need to be concerned about.

    • mclaren for manager?he does have knowledge of the area.seriously who will want the job.they do not give managers a chance to get things moving

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      • again our club will be the subject of much ridicule around the football world, no manager worth his salt will want anything to do with managing this once great and proud club and even if they did who is available and big enough for the job, pls dont say shearer as he is a god to us but has no experience of club management and this club needs a really strong man to take the job on and to be given time something big sam was never going to get.

      • well whats the point of sacking sam if all we are going to do is sack the next manager we have 6 months down the line. good luck to the next one he's going to need it.

    • The fact is he tried to run the club the same way he was running Bolton, but you have remember that newcastle's turnover is the 8th or 10th highest in the world ( because of their fanbase), and just like the managers before him, he couldnt put them at 8th in the premier league at the least. Also how can you forget how quick Kevin Keegan brought the team successive promotion from the 2nd division to within a couple of weeks of winning the league, How much time did he need back then??. In this game you have bring results 1st and entertainment 2nd., he didnt do neighter,and altough am not a geordie, I know the newcastle fans deserve better...

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