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  • ANDREW ANDREW Jan 10, 2008 02:16 Flag

    Sam's gone!

    Very good point indeed.

    I'm a Man U fan (season ticket holder for 20 years before you start thinking "glory hunter"), but my mate is a Geordie and he can't believe it to be honest.

    You've got absolutely no hope of achieving what you want, like silverware, unless you have some sort of stability. Is it something like 6 managers since Keegan left??? That's a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best thing you could do now is to get Shearer in, let him die on his #$%$, sack him like you've done with all the other "messiahs", then move on and get in somebody decent who has "top level managerial pedigree".

    Thank you

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    • I agree with most of your replies, as a man utd fan it took alex ferguson 4 yrs approx to sort things out at man utd before moving on to winning trophy,s, 8 month is a joke, maybe sam,s better off out of it because at this rate, newcastle unfortunately are going nowhere.

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      • Shame in a way, he needed more time. As a Liverpool supporter, I can see the same thing happening to us. Its such a money-led business that unless owners see instant sucess, they call in the hangman.
        Liverpool / Newcastle games of old were always good, proper footballing events, a real change from the drab stuff we see now in the leauge.

    • I have followed the Toon since those heady days as a kid in 1969, Supermac, Gazza, Beardsley, Waddle, Keegan twice as player and then manager, Shearer.
      Even then expectations were high and rightly so how many people around the world watch Newcastle, watching then there was flair, bravado, sheer passion.
      Allardyce gone and soon to be forgotten and rightly so, football is not a science it's a game.

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      • That's exactly the attitude that will get you relegated. A manager like Sam Allardyce would have brought success to Newcastle, but just like every year, Newcastle think they are better than most teams and deserve to be in the top four. Look at Everton, Moyes has been there for over 4 years now and he had a more difficult set up to work with. But by having stability and real fans who are willing to accept changes and are prepared to wait for success, he has now created possibly the 5th best team in England. It is a similar story with Portsmouth and Harry. And also, Blackburn and Mark Hughes.
        They say Newcastle have the best fans. I say that is ridiculous. All you want to do is moan and whinge about how you don't have any success. It's a disgrace that Newcastle fans have more respect than they deserve. The whole club needs to be re-organised, just like the FA are doing since we did not qualify to the Euro's.
        Even more so, if Shearer goes into the position, it would be the worst decision of his career. He would soon not be the Newcastle savior. You would ridicule him too after 3 months.

    • christ not another 20 year long season ticket holder that makes about 45000 of you, where were you in the eighties when you were only getting 25000, were you sharing them?

    • It is such a shame that the boot is put in again. I agree that we expect more from the club, but nothing has gone right since Robson was kicked out. That's where the rot started. At leats with him we had European football. Is there an available manager out there that is capable of turning things around?