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  • IAN b IAN b Jan 10, 2008 02:44 Flag

    Sam's gone!

    I agree with most of your replies, as a man utd fan it took alex ferguson 4 yrs approx to sort things out at man utd before moving on to winning trophy,s, 8 month is a joke, maybe sam,s better off out of it because at this rate, newcastle unfortunately are going nowhere.

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    • Shame in a way, he needed more time. As a Liverpool supporter, I can see the same thing happening to us. Its such a money-led business that unless owners see instant sucess, they call in the hangman.
      Liverpool / Newcastle games of old were always good, proper footballing events, a real change from the drab stuff we see now in the leauge.

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      • I agree with you John Marr. I'm a Utd fan and even I have to say the Newcastle of old were entertaining to watch and had consistency therefore giving us 2 great games between Liv and Newcastle 4-3 each time to Liv and of course the 5 goal drubbing of Utd. (I don't feel pain saying that now as it was over 10 years ago) Like a lot of readers have stated how can Newcastle recapture this great form if they won't give their managers a chance. I have to say from a bad bunch of managers since Keegan Allardyce probably would have been rated 6 out of 10, top of the list as far as I'm concerned and that ratings not exactly great