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  • Nothing wrong with the managers that have been at newcastle. Should buy better quality players with some passion.

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    • Disgraceful. How are we going to find consistency if we don't keep a sodding manager!! If they go for Shearer then Ashley is a pillock. The guy has no experience, barely has the qualifications, big no no. Go for someone like Jol.

    • I so agree with you. Newcastle management, who ever is in charge, seem to think that they can get results on the cheap. They get what they deserve. The fans deserve better.

    • Maybe Newcastle should have sacked their physio instead! How can a team have so many injured players every season?

      Newcastle have also wasted large sums of money on unsuitable players: Luque, Viano, Bramble, that terrible French defender whose name eludes me, & definitely Owen, who is a money-grabber who gets injured so often that he makes Darren Anderton look like a picture of health!

      Houllier wouldn't be a bad choice as manager. I don't know why Newcastle fans want a Keegan-style manager. His cavalier approach cost Newcastle the league when they had a twelve-point lead over a Man United side whose entire team had cost less than the #15 million Keegan paid for Shearer....

    • A lot of #$%$ has been spoken on this thread but there can be NO ARGUMENT that Allerdyce's departure is good for Newcastle and for football in general. He is the biggest self promoter (and whinger) of all the managers in the Priemier league and as a result has become completely overrated by the media. Bottom line is he was given a more than sufficient amount of cash for players and half a season and he NEVER LOOKED CLOSE to turning things around at Toon. Hopefully his unconditional failure will spell the end of the boring tactics he brings to football. I am delighted that I can now return to support Newcastle as my 'second team'. Really hope the idiot board get the appointment correct this time. The long suffering and thoroughly decent folk of Newcastle fully deserve this.