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  • mark mark Jan 10, 2008 02:46 Flag

    Sam's gone!

    You can't blame big sam for the way the team plays cut there wage by half and see how they play i bet that there is a massive improvement!

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    • It's much deeper - there's something inherently wrong, bad karma or something - as it's always the same.

      Newcastle is destined to win nothing and it will never change.

      1951 was a blip, never to be repeated

      It's so obvious to all the outsiders looking in, magpies and thieves anyway.

    • the constant turnover of managers at newcastle has shown one thing which most people are missing...an inability by the upper management (chairman, owners etc) to get things right when appointing managers in the first place...maybe it is in this area that newcastle now needs to look at their performance instead of the constant scapegoat blame being placed on managers who are given no time and players who are just not up to the standards demanded by the newcastle fans.