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  • Ian Ian Jan 10, 2008 01:54 Flag

    Sam's gone!

    Unbelievable. What was the point in sacking him?? So we get another manager in, have lots of average performances, and sack him after six months, and so it goes on...we are never going to have any consistency at this rate. It's depressing.

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    • cheerio newcastle youre going down with the boro and west brom ha ha ha newcastle united have something in common with a pint of lager goes down great

    • whats the point of sacking managers all the time a good job man united didnt sack ferguson when the fans were baying for his blood is it pure coincidence that the two longest serving managers are also the most successful ie fergie and wenger.mind you when you see allardices cv its laughable he was concidered for the england job

    • why sack him when they can't get anyone to replace him?

    • sam should never have been sacked he needed much more time,wenger and ferguson have been given plenty of time,ferguson did rubbish at man utd for the first few years in the job now look at him! i dont want shearer as manager yet he has no experience. all the best sam goodluck for the future mate!

    • I feel sorry for Big Sam, but I bet he is glad to get the hell out of Newcastle, the fans at Newcastle are a disgrace to their team, booing them off the pitch does nothing but demoralise a team! Sam had a five year plan, he would have turned the club round if it was not for the fans getting on his back after a month in charge. I hope they go down next season and stay there!

    • Yeah I know but Sam was doin a Rubbish job, its Newcastles worst start for years. But I reckon Alan Shearer should become new manager of Newcastle cos of David Moyes and Harry Redknapp sayin no.

    • Look, Isn't it about time that the board at Newcastle United realise that it is their fault, every time they find a decent manager, they do not give enough time for the new manager to settle in, plus the board and especially fans expect to much, they want success overnight, unfortunately this does not happen, no matter what club it is. Let's face it Newcastle want to be a successful club winning trophies, isn't that just what every other club in the world wants, of course it is, but then reality steps in, it just doesn't happen, so like all other clubs Newcastle will have to live with it, at least they are mid-table and not at the bottom.

    • Yeah. i agree 8 months isn`t long enough, but remember the football that has been turned out. utter rubbish.And who was responsible for the new defense!. As for Paul Parker and anyone else who says we have no right too expect good football, and we are just a mid table team..You tell that too the 56000 fans that have stood by for 50 odd years paying millions of pounds into the club, We have every dam right,Lets hope this time the directors get it right

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      • News today is Harry to the Toon, for me he is not the man to take the Magpies forward the way in which the fans will want,there was also mention of his Muppet son coming . He has to be the most slimey pundit on TV . Please Newcastle keep these two away from SJP and set your sights a bit higher.

    • It's not about time... It's his way of playing.. the tactics!!! rubbish tactics, esp playing with 2 uncreatives midfielders. Just ball winners who have collected more than 14 yellow cards thus far! Long balls that showed little results is surely a no go!!!

    • big sam will go to another club cause some mangers have left so i think their club will have big job for big sam if not he can look for oversea big club so he can earn more money and he will get a high pay for it

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