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    No one in their right mind would come to Newcastle.............. you know it and we know it. If you thought you've been mediocre since 1951 well it's going to get a whole lot worse

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    • We actually won the cup in 1951, 1952, 1955 and the equivalent of the UEFA cup in 1969 but why let the facts get in the way when you are lonely enough to scour the internet looking for an argument eh?

      All the above achievements were before I was born but over the past 30 odd years since my Dad first took me to St James Park I have seen some of the best players in the country/Europe/the world wearing black and white. Keegan, Waddle, Beardsley, Asprilla, Gascgoine, Ferdinand, Ginola and Shearer to name a few. Many supporters of other clubs would have loved to have just one of those players playing for them for a season or two. We have come close a few times to winning cups but the enjoyment I have had watching Newcastle in a full stadium over the years far outweighs the bad times and disappointments.

      I personally dont give a toss if you think Newcastle are a big club or not I just know I will support them for life so run along and bother some other people on other boards if thats how you get your kicks and take all the other childish prats with you.