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  • toontoon toontoon Jan 14, 2008 05:03 Flag

    tell you what have actually gone wrong!

    why the management always limit themselves to steal managers from domestic league? can't they attempt looking somebody else.. this is something really #$%$ me off since years ago.. roeder, souness, sam, daglish.. look at the top four.. get some good managers from foreign leagues!! why are the board so 'patriotic' in that sense?!! which is really ridiculous.. stop it now.. why don't they pick someone they really have faith in and leave the manager to find his own way to turn the club around, but importantly to give the manager time he needs.. 2 seasons should be alright to see some improvement i believe.. not to say being one of the top four instantly, but at least get something done, especially from the bottom of the club.. what i'm saying is to include our academy could be a vital part. I question about what have the coaches done in the past so far? why all the big names come to the club failed to perform as what they've been expected?! luque, boumsong, owen, geremi and many in the past... i did admire their forms BEFORE they came to join us. Don't you guys feel there must be something went wrong in the coaching team? well, as well as the players themselves to be blamed..
    See, problems exist from academy to the board.. and it is continuing.. who's gonna do something thing on it?! Mike? or Chris? I don't think they even know it..
    SOuness to come!? alright then, I'll quit!!!