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    Please, Please read and comment.


    NU are a great club, with a large passionate following.
    They will not be relegated this year. That’s for sure.
    They took a real hammering against MU and to be brutally
    honest it could have been 12 nil or more. No kidding.


    NU used 13 players with an average age of 28. Nine of these were in their very late twenties with four of them over the thirty mark. IMHO only three or four of the NU team showed the will, energy and determination to really compete at this level. By half time the rest were knackered and in the second half they were overwhelmed by the sheer energy of the much younger opposition. For the moment, forget skill, we are talking about the will to compete as a team.

    By comparison MU used 14 players with an average age of 24, take out Van Der Sar (age 38) and Giggs (age34) and replace with a fit foster and Park then the average age drops to just 21yrs. When I was that age (long ago) I felt that I could walk through a brick wall and would have gone through hell and high water for a mate or the team I played for.


    The last thing you want is a Shearer/Keegan combination as managers. Do you really think that they could agree on anything? No.
    You need a young progressive ruthless thinking manager, who is prepared to sell the old and invest in hungry youth and be astute in the transfer market. He must have the patience to build a young team over 2/3yrs, with perhaps the odd old head to hold the ship together. It would entail patience and support from both the chairman and the terraces.
    However his first task must be to shed the old rotting stock, so that he can stamp his authority on the new team.


    Wholesale out with the old. In with the new.
    Support from the chairman, along with the funding to a reasonable amount.
    Above all. Patience, patience, patience.
    Come on Newcastle. We all want to see you back where you belong.


    An old timer who has seen and appreciated the best over these long years.
    Saw my first match at Old Trafford in 1947. Good luck Newcastle.
    Please come back into the fold.

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    • I take you're a Manc and with that in mind I admire your thoughtful and well defined opinion! Never thought I'd say that!
      I don't think and never was convinced Sam Allardyce was the manager we needed/expected/wanted/whatever. Not for me the long ball, one up front style that gets a team nowhere but mid-table. Though I suppose you have to start somewhere. I think our defence should always have been the starting point though no manager ever really sorted it out!
      I agree there are too many players not giving anywhere near what should be expected. I would keep Charlie N'Z, Steve Harper (experience even tho he rarely get the chance-Shay can be awesome but makes some truly crass mistakes and his clearances can be appalling), James Milner, Steven Taylor and - well now I'm struggling. The first to go would be Mr Owen, Mr Rozenhal and Mr Barton. All for different reasons but "Bye". The rest well - maybe Stoke would be interested. No, true they wouldn't, maybe Torquay? Most seem to suffer from "too big a pay packet, too small a commitment!" Easy to say who goes, not so easy to say who arrives - though that lad from Heerenveen we played a couple of years back, Huntelaar, was a player waiting to be snapped up before he got ridiculously expensive.
      Alan Shearer would be mad to jeopardise his cult status by taking this all on although, if you're going to, this disarray of epic proportions might be the best time - as "things can only get better!" Can't see him playing second fiddle to anyone though. People say he needs guidance as an untried manager. That maybe true but still can't see him not wanting to be his own man, sorting out his own style and ways!
      God help us! I thought Fat Boy Shepherd was the cancer within, but it still goes on. Maybe we need Uri Geller to exorcise the place once again!!!!!! Desperate times, desperate measures!
      If there is a God, please could you look favourably on us poor souls who scrimp and scape to be one of the 50,000+ that support the Toon week in, week out. We actually do go without to be there! £30-£40 may not be much to you players on £25k to £100k a week - half a glass of champagne, a daft bet, barely the loose change in your pocket but to us "ordinary folk" it can be half if not all of our expendable weekly cash. They may be able to splash the dosh about, not all of us are so lucky! £50 out of £2-300 is a mighty amount, out of £100, 000 it's nothing!
      The players we have aren't bad they just seem mismatched, unmotivated, misdirected? I don't know. Makes me wonder if the problem is not always the manager but the likes of the coching staff. Nigel Pearson? He seems to still be hanging around despite everything. Is he the problem, a symptom or an innocent bystander? Methinks NOT the latter. especially after our slaughtering. Puts Howay 5-0 into proportion.
      We are a big club, big ground, big fan base, big heart, big expectations. However, we are small in achievement, foresight and loyalty (from all areas). Shepherd proved that when he "mislead" Ashley over the state of our beloved club. In it for the money, Freddie? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Yes? I think so.
      So mega changes are required, in every area. I'm no expert but a very large new broom is needed to sweep clean. Any takers?
      Thanks God, if you are listening.

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      • Toona
        A good post about the debt that the players owe to the ordinary fan, and the brutal economics of the modern game in terms of their over inflated wages compared to the tight budget that the average fan deals with every week.

        Your views on Big Sam also echo mine in a post 3 weeks before he got the chop.. and rightly so in my opinion.


      • Well it seems that Keegan has won the day, with Shearer waiting in the wings. I think that there will be an initial improvement as players suddenly galvanise themselves into action, knowing that their 4x4 is at stake. If sold who would want them? Some are cast offs from other clubs and others are just not good enough for the PL.

        I have the up most respect for Keegan the footballer, however as a manager I am not so sure about his character in times of need. Given a borrow full of money and if he doesn’t get too close to the players he may do well in the long term.

        Shearer was the best English centre forward (Welshman John Charles was the very best) since Tommy Taylor and Jackie Milburn, unfortunately he never realised his true full potential and despite all his skills he ended up with nothing football wise, albeit he is a very wealthy man due to transfer dealings and his mumblings on TV. Got to hang my head and confess my club Man U would have won more with him aboard. I think it is the one regret that SAF has and conversely the same with Shearer perhaps!!!

        He (Shearer) if appointed as second in command has no qualifications for the job in hand, but he is on a winner. He can take some credit if things go well or hide behind Keegan’s skirts if things go haywire.

        NU has great support and I really hope things work out well for all you loyal supporters and how nice it would be to see NU in the mix at the top of the PL. God knows how much the top three need more competition, because it really is getting boring. So come on NU, Man C, Everton, Liverpool or anybody. Lets have some excitement for a change.

        Forums should be a place where members can express their views and enter into a proper discussion without the abuse that perpetrates some posts.

        I would like to thank those who have contributed to this post in a thoughtful manner. Good luck NU from a true football fan.

    • I disagree! A Shearer/Keegan management team would be fantastic! The Club woiuld get a combination of experience, enthusiasm and popularity that would please fans and players alike. . How could it fail?