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  • Stevie Stevie Jan 15, 2008 23:08 Flag


    Kind of sucessful at Lyon in the french league and had a decent run in the champion league too. Any good when he was at Liverpool and France national team?

    If he really takes on the toon job, I hope the pressure of being a premier league club manager would not affect his health (or his heart) again. It is really a stressful job, Gerard.

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    • Do you remember how the scousers broke with tradition of appointing management from within? First they brought Houllier in to work alongside Roy Evans (yeah right!) and gradually eased Roy out until Gerard took over completely.
      To be fair Liverpool did win quite a bit of silverware under him (5 trophies I think) which no doubt would send the Geordie faithful into orbit but inevitably his failure to turn Liverpool back into serious title contenders led to his demise and he too was pushed out. (This is from memory so I am ready to be shot down but I think I am close to the mark).
      Is he the right man for the Newcastle job? In my opinion no but I would put him ahead of the likes of Mark Hughes.