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  • wow, this place has never been so busy, but how many are toon supporters pmsl

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    • Have to agree Anthony, but only to a point.

      I believe you are an @rsenal fan. Is that correct?

      To obtain good discussion point's on a board, the views of supporters from other teams are alway's welcome. Good positive or negative views, well presentated and constructive, are what make's these boards interesting and open for interesting discussion.

      There is, as Jabber point's out the sort of poster that does not provide anything constructive at all to this board, usually from competitor's boards, posters such as kovansdad1664, who provide nothing but senseless comments or posts designed to provoke arguments, or to attempt ridicule at other poster's, which thankfully, the people the comments are aimed are mature enough to ignore them.. This sort of poster we do not want.

      Your post of the 30th December 2007, I particularly enjoyed, even though it was in part critical of NUFC. The critism I found constructive and not in any way crititism for the sake of crititism, which is sometimes' common from some of our posters from other boards.

      More posts such as the one stated are most welcome, and provide many area's for discussion. Please keep them coming.


    • i'm a toon fan.
      i dont bite when knobs like the prof. go on about how #$%$ we are - i agree 100%.
      but to slag the fans is another thing, i take offence.
      remember the 'prawn sarnies'??
      and that was off there own player.
      nuff said.