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  • cosbaba cosbaba Jan 18, 2008 03:39 Flag

    Owen on Keegan - will it be a problem?

    Having read some of the things Owen said about Keegan in his autobiography; I wonder who's side the Newcastle faithfull will be on.

    Owen commenting about Keegan going on about him for 20 minutes in a team brief and saying any other manager will not play him, if true, is not the done thing.

    However, Owen is simply a goalscorer and the sort of players Keegan prefer upfront should be have good technical skills and be able to play as well instead of just relying on others to provide them with tap ins.

    Owen, for me, has a lot to prove at Newcastle; so far, he has just be taking the money and through injury and massive loss of form has been a liability to Newcastle.

    Owen scored loads of goals and come to prominence internationally at a very young age but he did no go on to improve massively. He was a flop at Real and for many years (4 or 5 years)now, he has been earning on his past reputation.

    If I was Keegan, I will not pander to Owen because he is not the future and with only one year left on his contract, if I were Newcastle, I will try and ship him out next season.

    The stupidity of these players - writing autobiographies and saying things about others whilst still playing...

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    • Owen is way past his sell by date, and better perform well for NUFC because now Capello is in place he can kiss goodbye to the England shirt (and rightly so)

      KK would be better to offload him in the transfer window rather than make him captain.

      Although in making him captain Keegan may be trying to polish up the goods before selling the duffer to the next foolish club!