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  • LAWRENCE LAWRENCE Jan 21, 2008 21:57 Flag

    It will end in tears

    How many times have i seen the Toon supporters
    think, this is it, we are on the road to glory, only to have their hopes dashed.
    I cannot see Keagan turning the team round in the 2008 Prem Div, does he have the skill to spend £100 mil wisely, thats only 3 Rooneys, we need 8 players based on the Bolton display, before we make an impact, and the 4 to 6 more to make the squad competative , with our buying record over last 10 years , Mr ashleys money will be wasted big time, case in piont £6 mil for Enrique , when he is sold we will be lucky to get £500 grand.
    I wish we had spent £10 mil getting Martin O,Niell and told him you have 5 years to build a great team, Villa are getting better each season, but we go for the miracle fix again.
    To end on a lighter note, its great to see Mr bramble has not changed his spots, I felt so sorry for Wigan