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  • Stevie Stevie Jan 29, 2008 01:43 Flag

    Dennis Wise and English based backroom staff!

    No offence! Dennis was a great players and did a decent job at Leeds even the club is having all sort of trouble.

    But the things develop at the moment does not give me any optimism for the outlook of the team at all. It looks like we are heading back to the old english playing style afterall. Please prove me wrong.

    I really hope to see there is injection of foriegn elements into the team. I echo many others saying that Premier League these day is a modern league. It is entrirely different from it was 10 years ago. You need tactical awareness as well as pace and strength in this modern league. You cannot go into a game without doing any preparation at all. Even for the relgetaion threatened team. Derby was the perfect example for us. And hiring foreign coaching staff surely will benefit both the senior and the youth team. Also can have possible input for KK in team preparation.

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    • I am not a Newcastle fan, but I am a lover of football, and I agree with one of your more sussed supporters (SadToon46) that Shearer - in spite of his inexperience - should have been given the job. I think Shearer was voicing a veiled criticism of Keegan when he said that KK would play "kamikaze football". I think Shearer understands the modern game and conceivably given time could put together a Newcastle team that could compete for a Champion's League place, in addition to maybe picking up a trophy of some sort.

      I think Keegan is your past, and Shearer will be your future. I think the Keegan appointment might be a mistake, and there is a very good chance that Shearer (a man with a better understanding of the modern game) will be in the job at some point during the 2008-09 season. At first Shearer might struggle, but I think if patience is shown (a couple of years or so), he can deliver Champion's League football.

      As for Dennis Wise, unless NUFC are considering a thuggish approach to football, then forget it. Will probably result in a taxi driver strike in Newcastle also! There has been enough bad publicity with signing Bowyer, Woodgate, Barton. I admired Birmingham fans for blocking the signing of Bowyer at Brum.