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  • Stevie Stevie Jan 30, 2008 22:38 Flag

    Toothless and clueless at Arsenal again!

    Just hope kevin can find players with energy to run and control the tempo in midfeild. All our players seem too tired to play the whole 90mins of the game. I can say we are lucky to lose just 3-0 as we did not keep the ball for more than 10mins out of the 90 mins.

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    • Huge wage packet and the players dont seem to have a clue. Even without a manager or coach, the players at Newcastle should be playing and organised better.

      They have not even managed to score a goal since Keegan arrived - not even from set pieces.

      Owen should be dropped as soon as possible and replaced to with someone with technical skils to hold the ball and shoot for goal at more than 6 yards from goal. Martins is better than Owen but not that creative himself - you dont need the two.

      Viduka is a liability. Smith is not a striker or even a good midfielder but OK to stir things up; but you dont need Smith & Barton in the same team. Emre does not really want to play for you guys or in England.

      Milner as good but what has happened to him - can be revived as a winger with a good back up from midfield and/or full back.

      England used to produce good defenders but what has happened? You need some scandinavians in your team asap - they are more rugged and the waether will not be a problem, and they rarely even party like animals.

      To keep:

      Nzogbia, Ameobi (?), Milner, Martins(sub), Given and Harper, Carr(sub) and one or two more

      Owen, Viduka,
      The whole midfield should be sacked - including Butt, Emre, Smith, Barton etc.

      And as for the defence: I dont even know who is good in defence.

      I dont know why I want Newcastle to do well but I do and I am embarrased even as an Arsenal fan. Keegan will not likely do better than Alladyce with the same squad.