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  • Andrew Andrew Feb 27, 2008 20:41 Flag

    Are you happy with Keegan?

    i must admit i was excited when hearing the news keegan was back but the reality is sam allardyce was a great oppurtunity to get the club moving forward. personally i think he spent the money well and got rid of the right players. he made alot of positive changes and i'd rather be middle of the table getting draws than spending the rest of the season worrying about relegation and being humiliated at the hands of arsenal, aston villa and man u and soon to be wigan (lets face it sam's tactics against these teams were superior to keegan's).

    the board are to blame of course, they have just done what the fans wanted to get ticket sales up. the players are to blame for having no passion or confidence (don't mean to dwell on allardyce thing too much but he also had some kind of confidence therapist in, i think if i saw keegan and mcdermot aka the chuckle brothers giving a "we need to score more goals than them" speech it wouldn't fill me with confidence). keegan is to blame for coming back after not watching a game for 3 years. seems to me he's came back for money. i'm a geordie but i think the fans are as much to blame as anyone else with this situation too- i know we are good supporters and understandably impatient

    the only way this will work is if the board give keegan alot of money but i can't see many players, wanting success, coming to this club as we are a complete joke (only money grabbing players will come). i think keegan will leave at the end of the season anyway. hopefully get in someone who knows the game today. martin jol would be a good realistic chioce? its going to take a long time to turn the club around and this appointment in my eyes has been a backwards step.

    also i think gazza should be given a role alongside the current coaching staff when he gets over this hotel room incident? i think the team needs a character at the club like that and i think the club should give a boyhood fan who is clearly lost without football a relaxed chance at the club.

    i also think a good underestimated striker would be good for the club. a kenwyn jones type?