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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 3, 2008 04:00 Flag

    Are you happy with Keegan?

    this result at blackburn goes to show that the strikers we have are sh** anyway owen is a joke and has no passion for this club whatsoever. allardyce was not given enough time and got alot out of a bunch of sh*% players and a shambles of a club. its an embarrassment.

    keegan won't do anything to change it. just spend big money on show boating money grabbers. which may work short term but if newcastle are to be a top 4-6 club long term they need structure and a team built over years. blackburn (man u and arsenal too of course), for example, have built up a team over a number of years without spending big money. they have a team of players proud to play for their club.

    allardyce, given time could have done this. he did it with bolton despite what jabberwocky says.

    anyway not to dwell on allardyce.....who would you have as manger if keegan was to leave in the summer, which is what i think will happen