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    Are you happy with Keegan?

    Are you happy with the way Keegan is managing? Do you think that putting Alan Smith instead of Mark Viduka is an excellent choice?

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    • Answer to post question is YES!

      It goes to show what a bag of #$%$ KK has taken over from Allardyce.

      Its saving our necks now and afterwards, in my view they should Get rid of Smith, Butt, Viduka, Owen,

    • Direct answer to your Question YES!

      KK has been handed a complete bag of #$%$ particulary from Allardyce.

      It's about saving our necks now and starting again.

    • I have 100% confidence in Keegan. It would be hard for Newcastle to go backwards when you consider the rubbish they played under Dalglish, Gulllit, Souness and Allardyce.

      Teams these days with the exception of Aston Villa play negative tactics away from home against the big boys. Who wants to travel from Newcastle to London to watch one up front and pay £100 to do it.

      Keegan has said he knows what the fans want and he's going to give it to them. Blackburn are lucky they didn't lose by 5.

    • this result at blackburn goes to show that the strikers we have are sh** anyway owen is a joke and has no passion for this club whatsoever. allardyce was not given enough time and got alot out of a bunch of sh*% players and a shambles of a club. its an embarrassment.

      keegan won't do anything to change it. just spend big money on show boating money grabbers. which may work short term but if newcastle are to be a top 4-6 club long term they need structure and a team built over years. blackburn (man u and arsenal too of course), for example, have built up a team over a number of years without spending big money. they have a team of players proud to play for their club.

      allardyce, given time could have done this. he did it with bolton despite what jabberwocky says.

      anyway not to dwell on allardyce.....who would you have as manger if keegan was to leave in the summer, which is what i think will happen

    • as achelsea fan i feel sorry for keegan, everthing was going so well until wise arived,if kevin wants any more help from chelsea he van shev on loan until the end of the season, or relagation which ever come first.
      helpfull chelsea fan.

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      • i must admit i was excited when hearing the news keegan was back but the reality is sam allardyce was a great oppurtunity to get the club moving forward. personally i think he spent the money well and got rid of the right players. he made alot of positive changes and i'd rather be middle of the table getting draws than spending the rest of the season worrying about relegation and being humiliated at the hands of arsenal, aston villa and man u and soon to be wigan (lets face it sam's tactics against these teams were superior to keegan's).

        the board are to blame of course, they have just done what the fans wanted to get ticket sales up. the players are to blame for having no passion or confidence (don't mean to dwell on allardyce thing too much but he also had some kind of confidence therapist in, i think if i saw keegan and mcdermot aka the chuckle brothers giving a "we need to score more goals than them" speech it wouldn't fill me with confidence). keegan is to blame for coming back after not watching a game for 3 years. seems to me he's came back for money. i'm a geordie but i think the fans are as much to blame as anyone else with this situation too- i know we are good supporters and understandably impatient

        the only way this will work is if the board give keegan alot of money but i can't see many players, wanting success, coming to this club as we are a complete joke (only money grabbing players will come). i think keegan will leave at the end of the season anyway. hopefully get in someone who knows the game today. martin jol would be a good realistic chioce? its going to take a long time to turn the club around and this appointment in my eyes has been a backwards step.

        also i think gazza should be given a role alongside the current coaching staff when he gets over this hotel room incident? i think the team needs a character at the club like that and i think the club should give a boyhood fan who is clearly lost without football a relaxed chance at the club.

        i also think a good underestimated striker would be good for the club. a kenwyn jones type?

    • Please don't accuse me of wearing a replica shirt. I don't wish to offend people, but to me replica shirts are for little kiddies. My mam bought me a United shirt was I was six in 1968, and I haven't had one since. I would not wear anything with a sponsor's logo on whether it is Sharp, AIG, Northern Rock, or O2..if I wanted to advertize some corporate #$%$ I would get a sandwich board.

      The Shearer thing doesn't bother me, although the myth that he turned down MUFC should be laid to rest, as he never had the chance to say yes or no to United as Southampton turned down a United bid and Jack Walker at Blackburn refused to sell Shearer to United as he was still angry that Roy keane was stolen from under his nose. Would we have still won the treble if we had signed Shearer? Maybe, and maybe not. His goalscoring record was actually better at Blackburn (in goals to games terms), than at Newcastle and he did have a fair few injuries at SJP.

      I know there are loads of #$%$ MUFC supporters who also believe Shearer snubbed United, but I am not one of them.

      The reason I brought up Shearer & Trevor Francis (who you conveniently ignored) was to demonstrate that MUFC never really dominated the transfer market in the way that all the "Moneybags United" detractors claim...the team that won the treble had plenty of youth team in it: the two Nevilles, Beckham, Butt, Scholes, Ryan Giggs...The other problem with your argument is that NUFC were not buying players as a result of the money you generated through support. Ashley had to pay off a Newcastle debt that was on a level with the one that #$%$ Leeds. With the exception of Manchester United, all the top clubs have spent more than they earn, which is a weird way to run a business!!

      And we still in spite of the shirt seller #$%$ have a few younger ones or ex-youth team in the team or out on loan ready to come in next year...Darren Fletcher, Febien Brandy, Frazier Campbell, Danny Wellbeck, Danny Simpson, and slightly older ones like Wes Brown or John O'Shea..

    • You really don't have a clue about MUFC fans, do you? The hardcore United support opposed the idea of any individual owning the club. Forgotten that we successfully opposed the Murdoch takeover, have you? That would have given United ten times as much money as ANY other club, and would have meant the biggest TV deal ever for an individual club. Ashley or Roman A would have received the same treatment as Murdoch or the Glazers. So, sorry, but you are the one who is talking #$%$ You should have seen the protests at every AGM from the fans here every time there was an attempted takeover.

      I didn't get the Ashley thing from The Sun (I thought it was the dimmer #$%$ oot for the lads type up there who read that paper) - it was on this site here that you are posting on, so if it is total #$%$ why do you dignify these boards at all with your presence?

    • It's too early to tell if KK can reproduce the magic years of the 90's when 'proper' fans were enthralled by NUFC's attacking and entertaining football. Give the bloke a chance and lets hope he can gel a talented bunch of players into a team who work hard for each other. A few good signings in the summer and here we go again in KK wonderland .............................

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      • The EPL is great for watching all these flash players (I do it myself), but it is sort of becoming meaningless anyway. Most of the Arsenal & Chelsea support isn't the support they have had for years, and neither is the MUFC support, although the working-class support is going down fighting and refusing to give up season tickets for the Prawn Sandwiches. Maybe you are lucky at Newcastle & you retain your working-class support, but you have a billionaire Spurs supporter as an owner, and everthing is #$%$ up. Your owner is tring to sell you to #$%$ and nobody cares! At least we hate the Glazers, we hate Gill, and we are pretty critical of Ferguson as a poodle, but not as a football manager..

    • Newcastle is a club that has had deep rooted problems for a long long time now. It all appeared to start when the great Sir Bobby Robson got the sack. He was a fantastic manager for Newcastle, had them playing good football and even got a champions league finish under his belt.

      Since then......

      Souness - Seemed to be more interested in fighting with the players rather than getting them to play football on the pitch.

      Roeder - Don't know why he even got the job, not a strong enough or big enough character to take on the big job.

      Allardyce - Wasn't given enough time in my view but you have to wonder if he ever would have got anywhere with his negative tactics.

      Keegan - Tough start but did well in his last stint - needs to be given time to build his own team. Needs a win quickly to get a bit of optimism in the club. Don't beat us though - we've got a title to chase.

    • "I said I wouldn't respond to your posts" (you have numerous times now) "but you are making a fool of yourself" (Am I the one going on about rough pubs & talking all hard?)

      Big deal John, you drink in a rough bar, congratulations, lets all give you a round of applause! this does not make you the hardest man in the UK though!

      I'm well used to dealing with daft people like yourself who throw pint after pint down their throat, then think they can fight the world when in reality they can't.

      Do you think by saying I'm not a proper geordie that I'm going to get all upset? hahahahahaha

      What a turkey you are! hilarious!

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