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  • to think he can land Henry on the Tyneside for money!

    The Frenchman knows that he is at one of the greatest club in the history of the world, and he's not going to trade for stomping around muddy fields in black and white strip playing football Barca fans would die if forced to watch it!

    Besides, he owes TONS to Wenger and it would a disgrace to play against Arsenal in the same league!

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    • You T*t. Do you actually read the stories? Or do you just look at the words you recognise and hope to string something together with them.

      He was asked on a blo*dy radio show who, if money was no object, he'd like to buy. Obviously, he said Henry, because he's one of the greatest players around at the moment.

      But I don't think you knew that, becasue all you probably saw was 'Keegan' 'money' Henry and 'Newcastle'.

      Next time, try and engage that thing between your ears before you open your mouth.

      You #$%$

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      • I agree that Keegan is crazy but not because he wants Henry but because he is talking about keeping Michael Owen on a long term (more lucrative?) contract.

        I dont think it is impossible to land Henry but it is too soon because Newcastle will not be in Europe (even Uefa) and Henry still has ambition of winning Champions League.

        Henry is not really playing that great or often for Barca, and he loves being idolised; and Newcastle will be the ideal place for him to be hero-worshiped, again.

        Please, please, sell Owen as soon as possible. Even if he comes good again, he will not make up for the absolute abject performance, injury and lack of form (permanent?).

        I hope Keegan is just bluffing about giving Owen a more lucrative, long term contract.