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  • Stevie Stevie Feb 10, 2008 23:36 Flag

    Misinterpretation by the media, Big Sam?


    Please tell me this is an misinterpretation by the the reporter, Big Sam. isn't it a bit provocative saying something liek that? A parting shot?

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    • That was part of the reason Silvestre didn't sign (also he wanted to stay at OT), although it is unlikely he would have done anyway as there would have been other offers if he had wanted to leave.

      What is all this paranoia about other clubs supporters and this list? I support a non-league club in terms of where my money goes, but I retain an interest in the EPL despite the fact that it is clearly about big business #$%$ and greed. #$%$ (if they buy Liverpool), The Glazers, Ashley, Roman A, Man City's human rights abuser - what they have in common is that they are a bunch of #$%$!

      But the supporters seem to want these megabucks sugar daddies to fund their dreams of success & the CL (which should not have four English teams in it, only one. And,yes, I am aware that United wouldn't have been in it in 1999, but to me Champions should mean just that. TV money says otherwise & I can't do much about that)....

    • Could be, although hes probably right, he deserves to be managing a big club in terms of footballing prowess, such as Everton, Blackburn etc.

      But they already have managers on the same level as Sam, and their chairman stood by them.

      He may stand by Keegan, but you may have finally found ammanager that ISNT worth standing by.