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  • OinkyOinkyOinky OinkyOinkyOinky Feb 11, 2008 21:44 Flag

    Newcastle versus Manchester-6-0 again?

    Will Newcastle be beaten 6-0 again by Manchester United? Your predictions and scorers please!!!


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    • We'll be lucky if t's just 6 - WE ARE USELESS at the minute so lets just bend over and get ready for another major shafting! Hoorah!

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      • Man Utd were #$%$ imperious against Arsenal. It's hard to see us getting anything out of the game with our form, but the fact that we've had an extra week to pull together will hopefully count for us. I think maybe if we put five in midfield, with Smith playing in as sort of a link between midfield and attack could work, we might be able to stifle them slightly. We need Taylor playing, along with Faye, and I'd say that Faye should deal with Rooney (pound for pound they're about equal I'd say) and Taylor should mark Tevez, as he's the quicker of the two. I'm not sure about playing Owen as a lone striker though, he always seems lost with out a partner, so I'd say stick with Viduka for now, then bang on Owen and Martins after halftime when Utd (hopefully) will be tiring slightly.

        Obviously this is all moot, seeing as Keegan will send them out saying 'Make sure you score more than them lads'.

        Ah well, back to Football Manager (where I'm sitting nicely in the Uefa cup places with four matches left :o)

        Alas, we can but dream.

    • Howay lads cheer up. No one said it was easy being a Newcastle fan and trust me when you've watched Frank Pingel, George Reilly, Bobby Shinton and Tony Cunningham leading the line for the lads then you know we aren't that badly off for talent!
      Kev has 2 weeks to get us ready for Man U, in which time I am sure he will decide that Faye and Taylor are our best bet in the centre of defence and that Enrique must be worth a look ahead of Carr at left back. Man U are going to have had a game or 2 in that time and will be tired and I reckon we can at least get a point or am I just the eternal optimist?

    • What at fortress St. James Park?? Are you kidding me!!
      Mebbe not 6 nowt but it's difficult to see us getting anything from the game.