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  • Vipson Vipson Feb 25, 2008 18:34 Flag

    Michael Owen - asset or liability?

    Whaddya think? For my money he hasn't delivered yet - and I doubt he will now..

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    • Almost everything said in response to this message, is true and I am in agreement with it.
      Owen tells us he "has a point to prove".
      When is that going tobe , I wonder.
      He apologises for missing his chances and pushing us further down towards relegation, so what good is that for someone who pulls £100000 a week??? How exactly has that helped Newcastle. The sooner he gets shipped out (- if there are any buyers!!) - the better. Martins should start every match, as he is our only hope of scoring a goal.
      As for the rest of the team, most of them are useless.I said a few days ago that I fear we may very well go down.
      What a sorry state for the Toon..!
      We deserve so much more than this!!......

    • owen came to the toon because no-one else wanted him.
      he gets big buckeroos for his past reputation
      the sooner he goes the better
      we want players to give blood for the toon win or loose

    • I would describe him neither and asset nor liability
      He was an over-priced knee jerk buy by a desperate manager (GS) and a bufoon chairman(FS),

      Owen has long since at his day- he has retired from serious football at 27. It Liverpool or nothing.

      His game used to be about running onto the right side of the box and slamming them in - now it is hopeful toe-pokes that are lobbed into the box(MU game Ferdinand had him in his pocket).

      Owen(no personal grudges against him as a guy)
      has earned enough money it has waned his enthusiasm that puts his efforts below what is required.

      Newcastle should take any offer they get simply to get him off the wage bill.

    • Michael Owen was, is and will be an asset to every club he plays for. He puts chances away given half a chance, 9 times out of ten.

      The only thing that can be blamed is the fact that our midfield is #$%$ and the consistent playing of #$%$ players.

      Smith needs to get the hell out of toon, and should be replaced by either Viduka (a decent foil for Owen at last, or Martins (making the fastest strikeforce in the league).

      Duff probably couldn't get into Derby's team at the moment, although I do think we should offer him to them for Barnes. N'Zogbia should be pushed forward with Enrique behind him.

      I'm torn on Emre though, we definitely need a creative player (which he is) but he just doesn't seem to hit top form.

      I honestly think that the addition of a massively creative would do wonders for us, as well as a new defence.