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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 29, 2008 01:57 Flag

    Keegan holds his tongue for a very good reason

    Keegan has inherited a truly awful team I'm sure he can't wait to clear out the deadwood and there's an awful lot of it. Can't believe he is the favourite to leave or be sacked by bookies.

    Keegan can't slag off his team because players these days are just mercenaries and most dont care who they play for. So i bet he thinks the defence is awful and players like Smith, Viduka, Owen have their best years behind them. I for one think Keegan will turn Newcastle around next season and when you look at how boring most of the teams are it wouldn't be that difficult to be entertaining.

    I just hope he gets the mix of english and foreign right because this way it will be easier to create team spirit if the team understand each other.

    Good luck Keegan because football needs you far more then you need football.

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    • Ditto. Can I just add my support for your truly uplifting post amidst all the doom and gloom and enhance your reminder that in reality all we are really looking forward to is the close season and for the restrictions to be lifted on Keegan and allow him to get on with the job.

    • "Can't believe he is the favourite to leave or be sacked by bookies"

      Neither can I. He's only just arrived, so why should he leave? As for being sacked by the bookies, that's nonsense! What right do the bookies have to sack him? :)

      Seriously, though, morale is the most valuable commodity for a football team and Newcastle's morale needs a boost for sure. That is the most valuable thing Kev can do, at least for the rest of this season. After that, it will depend on what new players he can get and what old ones he can get rid of.