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  • Steve Steve Mar 2, 2008 00:00 Flag

    Smithie got another start!

    Oh for god's sake! How can KK justify his selection? He's done nothing for us this season except get sent off against man utd. It's becoming ridiculous, especially with rumours that Viduka will leave at the nd of the season if he doesn't start games.

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    • Haper-9 (you cannot ask that man for more, he was amasing. Given will be a worrying man now)

      Owen-4 (England International?)

      Smith-4 (I don't konw what he was doing)

      Duff-7 (he did his job i guess)

      Milner-7 (As Duff)


      Barton-7(His passing has been amasing today, I am impressed)




      Taylor-5 (Why an earth no one tracing Derbyshire for the goal?)


      N-Zogbria-6 (As always mix of hero and vilain figure)

      Keegan-4 (His team selection let me down once again)

    • Where is Balckburn?,who is Haper?,mind him and Barton were amasing,and i don't konw Nzogbria, nearly over soon it won't be long now.

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      • Couple of questions for you then, mate.

        What's amasing? And who is Nzogbria?

        Grow up, this is a football chatroom not an english lesson.

        Didn't see the match today. Al Jazeera wasn't cooperative today, so I'll have to wait for MotD, but my mates all said that Newcastle should've handed Blackburn their #$%$.

        I agree with the guy above me who gave out those ratings though, Given definitely needs to be looking over his shoulders at Harper now, I've always thought we had the two best keepers in the top flight. Looks like Barton is getting back to some sort of form aswell, just needs to keep himself out of the ref's book now.