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    Owen Puts Club Before Himself

    This has to be one of the best(sickest??!!)- jokes I heard in a long time... So, Owen is concerned that the Toon get out of trouble , not so much his new contract.. Yeah, right!!!
    He also is rumoured to want an increase in his £103K a week salary...I am killing myself laughing here! - I do this instead of Crying. Crying for the selfish, useless little nobody, who can't score to save his life, is not good enough to walk on the St. James's Park pitch, has always put his career and ego way above Newcastle and is so full of #$%$ and stupid excuses.
    All he wants is a chance for an even bigger payday somewhere else but he now knows, noone wants him and, certainly, noone will ever again pay him anywhere near the ridiculus wages he gets with us.
    Talk is cheap and owen is really good at it... - It is scoring goals he has problems with...HA, HA, HA!!!!
    Interesting he is not playing for England anymore and even more interesting to read the reasons Benitez gave for not wanting to buy him, viz a vis Fernando Torres....
    Get on your bike you bloody little Hypocrite!

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