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  • OldBill OldBill Mar 18, 2008 05:04 Flag

    Owen Puts Club Before Himself

    Excuse me for butting in on your board lads - just had to put my 2p worth in on Owen.

    As a Liverpudlian I idolised the lad - but when he let Liverpool he said he was going to 'prove himself' and he wanted European honours - strange how when he went we won the CL and Real Madrid won nothing.

    We did get the best years out of him as someone said above - and he went to Newcastle cos thats where he could command the biggest wages - trophies my #$%$ - he's a mercenery - like 99% of footballers.

    ps Enjoyed a pint with a few of you in the Sandon the other week - watching Man U get beat by Portsmouth - hope you stay up :-)

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