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  • al vann b al vann b Mar 31, 2008 00:22 Flag

    is keegan's magic working again!!!!!!!!

    this is wonderful stuff... i thought the match at white hart lane could go 2-0 to any side. but this is really wonderfulllll... 1 down and then 4-1 up. keegan's got back his magic touch??? and remember he had said one win will put the team back on track...
    i can't see us beating pompey in the weeks to come but i hope we seak revenge for the 4-1 thumping we had a SJP. I wished we still had to play man city and derby at home...
    anyway... wish the team & KK all the best

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    • Well, I do not know!
      Pompey and...Chelsea are winable.
      We are now doing everything better. We nearly beat Chelsea first time round and have done so at SJP before....!
      Let's wait and see, I say.
      Well done for yesterday lads!!
      What a Thumping!