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  • Steve Steve May 6, 2008 21:54 Flag

    Should we do chelski or Man Utd a favour?

    Alright, I'll bite...

    Rooney 23million
    Ronaldo 12 million
    Anderson 18million
    Hargreaves 17 million
    Nani 17 million
    Tevez two year loan
    Ferdinand 29 million
    Carrick 14million
    Saha 12 million
    Van der Saar 2million

    Grand total of 144million


    Cech 7
    Mikel 17
    Anelka 15
    Drogba 24
    Shevchenko 30
    Duff 17
    Carvalho 20
    Essien 25
    Wright Phillips 21
    Crespo 17

    Grand total of 184million

    But the thing you aren't seeing, which was my point in the first place, was that while Sir Alex spends big, he spends wisely, my point being that all of those players he's bought play regularly, and play well. Whereas at Chelsea, these players (with the exception of Drogba and Lampard) are all dispensible. You only have to look at the fact that they've sold a bunch of players (Duff, Parker) for a damn sight less than they paid in the first place. You can also look at the bench, where Shevchenko only gets the last 10 or so minutes, or Wright Phillips doesn't even make the squad again.

    Frankly, they've made a mockery of the transfer system, and it's ruined it.