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  • andyhiggy26 andyhiggy26 Jun 4, 2008 02:16 Flag


    i'm bolton fan numbnuts,kk will walk out onyou when the pressures on, like always he did it at city as well

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    • Whatever. I honestly couldn't care less about what team you support.

      I don't even know why you've stopped over here anyway. Your arguement was rubbish at best. I can only guess you're trying to take the p!ss. But you're not one to talk though mate.
      I mean, we're serial underacheivers, but at least we belong in this league. With Allardyce gone, you've gone from possible UEFA winners to relegation candidates. On the subject of Allardyce, didn't he walk out on you lot? I think he did. You can have him back if you want now, I think the words 'damaged' and 'goods' will be best used to describe his future managerial career (I will allow him the opportunity to prove me wrong though).

      Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Like your point about us being better off under Big Sam, your belief that KK will also walk out on us is subjective. I don't think he will. He'll give it his best shot, and if he comes anywhere near what he did last time, I'll be happy.

      Oh and FYI, he didn't walk out on City, he left because he didn't have the desire to be a part of football
      anymore. Reasonable IMO.