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  • People should wake up and realise this was a up from the moment wise and his sidekick jimenez were appointed the fans should boycot all home games in disgust the sooner ashley leaves the better pulling on a black and white shirt means nothing to him he knows nothing about football an should stick to being a shop keeper

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    • Any one know how to contact newcastle utd ? Like get a letter inside the boardroom ? lol

    • Yep your right he knows nothing about football because if he did he wouldn't have bought Newcastle in the first place.

      Any club owner would love your fan base but lets be honest Newcastle are not a big team outside of Newcastle and never will be.And before you say things like Ashley should leave I don't see anybody queuing up to buy the club off him do you, even the Arab who bought City turned you down and one more thing for you to remember Ashley owns the club 100% and you can't do nothing about it, you are just a punter who will keep supporting them because no matter what that is why we support who we support and in the end the likes of Ashley know this.

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      • The Only thing Ashley is interested in is Money, how much Money can he make out of us and the club.

        I thought Wise would pull a stunt like this when Ashley brought him in, Undermine Keegans Authority in the transfer market, sell the players keegan wanted to keep and bring in players Keegan did'nt want so he would WALK and the little #$%$ would move in to the vacant job.