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    Am I the only one........

    Who thinks that Mike Ashley has actually been treated really badly here???

    This is a guy who has sunk £250 million out of his own pocket into this club, only to be bullied out by a bunch of yobs who just because they go and watch their club, think they have the right to make all of the decisions.

    Mike Ashley may have made a couple of mistakes since buying the club like appointing Dennis Wise but as the OWNER of the club I think he had every right to make these decisions.

    I have always thought Newcastle fans are some of the best around but I think the recent behaviour is shameful. I really hope that nobody comes along to buy the club as you have shown yourselves to be a bunch of spoilt, ungreatful, spineless human beings.

    Good luck Mike Ashley, I hope you and your family can start enjoying football again without the fear of being assaulted!!

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    • Ashley does own the company and has to make the decisions, but we as customers have the right to say what we think of the goods being sold.

      He (ashley) is just doing what Lord Westwood, McKeigh, John Hall and Freddie Sheppard have done for the last fifty years take a lot of money out of the club and not want success. Dave Hilley (an ex player) wrote in his column a few years ago: "the board were quite happy to have them at forth or fifth in the second division rather than get promotion." A few ex players have said the same.

      The law of averages says we should have won about four or five cups and two titles in fifty years, for a club with as much money.

      We want to support our club without being ripped off by Ashley.

    • I don't know what planet you're on m8 but to me and many others
      Mike Ashley has alot to answer for. sacking Chris Houghton to install someone who was sacked by Southampton!!!!!! were is the logic in that!!!

    • Thought I'd bump this up!

    • It always amazes me that non- supporters such as Martin feel the need to slag off the Toon. I have never even been on any other team’s board to read, let alone contributed. Are you a closet Geordie?

      I don't know what team you support Martin but believe me the protests up in Newcastle were not just done on a whim and were born out of a genuine belief by a section of the fans who felt so desperate that this was all they could do to save the club. However misguided you feel this was at least try and have some respect for other fans of the game we all love. These fans haven't picked a team because it is good, or wins stuff, difficult to understand I know as most fans on here seem to be post Euro 96 glory hunters who would have changed teams years ago. I know this may be hard for some folk on here to begin to understand but you won’t find many Geordies taking up another team, and if you genuinely believed your only team were facing oblivion would you not protest? Perhaps not eh...

      Also, if you want to believe the PR firms statement is Mike Ashley then go ahead. I would like to believe the same except I have to question why this man now tells us his master plan at a point when he is leaving. It’s all a bit like the end of Scooby doo, and he would have got away with it if it wasn't for those darn fans! Also, a week doesn’t seem that spontaneous to me.

    • I agree very much with Martin T.

      Why do Newcastle fans think that they deserve someone else to pay for their team?

      Newcastle is a small city - nowhere near as big as London, Manchester or Liverpool. Why do NUFC "fans" think they deserve a "big four" type team? If NUFC is so important, why don't the so-called "fans" buy a big chunk of the shares and put their money where their loud mouths are?

    • The blame falls squarely on Ashley. He is the astute business man who saw business opportunity and bought one of the few EPL clubs with guaranteed 50000+ customers per home game.

      The supporters had been unhappy with the long list of deadbeat managers who had as much charm as a wet sock on the pavement. They could of ticked along with the Allardyces etc... but it would all fizzle out

      The name Ashley was hearing from the customers was Kevin Keegan who he seen(rightly) as the main building block to take tthe club forward to an exciting future. Whether critics like it or not Keegan was the biggest and vital link. Ashley must of known of Keegan's temperament as well as his importance to the deal.-- so to bring in Cockney spivs thinking they could trample on Keegan was not a clever move. I suspect that he thought he could call Keegan's bluff once he was signed up.

      Big mistake..

      But lets imagine Keegan did not return - where would the club have gone and with waht manager?
      Allardyce-- No chance
      Wise----- no F***** chance
      Then there is a long list of people who would simply never come to Newcastle Mourhino, Scolari.. etc...

      So you're left with the best person to take the club forward - and it is not necessarily someone who wants to spend 200m.. I'd rather have a club which was sensibly managed that fly boys splashing out 50 million for players.
      It was KK and they mucked it up - financial restraints is fair enough but not interference from spivs and pip sqeaks.
      He pulled the main building block out and thought it might have a chance of staying in place!!
      Its like making soup and getting Heinz to allow you to put their big bright red label on and then afterwards you stick a couple of #$%$ stickers alonside it.....What's the only thing that can happen??


    • Keegans caused all this just because he spat out his dummy. He knew 2 weeks after he took charge what Wise's job was so why wait til deadline day to leave. I did'nt want Keegan back anyway cos i knew this would happen , just not this soon. Ashley should sack Wise now and get a new man in charge and see where it goes from there. the longer this goes on the worse it will get, just see whats happened already 1 game with a caretaker manager and Ameobi's back in the team!.

    • I think NUFC supporters should be careful what they wish for. Ashley was putting Newcastle United on a firm business footing, he is no oil multi-billionaire and his coffers are not bottomless. The club was in dire straits financially when he took over and if he had carried out due diligence when he bought the club, he might not have go ahead with the purchase. There are two sides to every story and he probably now regrets deep down bringing Wise on board, but it was his decision to make as owner.
      He is now going to offload to recoup his money and probably won't really care who buys it from him. NUFC supporters want success and they want it NOW, there timescale will never match that of any now owner or the laws of business either.