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  • kht20 kht20 Sep 15, 2008 18:08 Flag

    Am I the only one........

    I think NUFC supporters should be careful what they wish for. Ashley was putting Newcastle United on a firm business footing, he is no oil multi-billionaire and his coffers are not bottomless. The club was in dire straits financially when he took over and if he had carried out due diligence when he bought the club, he might not have go ahead with the purchase. There are two sides to every story and he probably now regrets deep down bringing Wise on board, but it was his decision to make as owner.
    He is now going to offload to recoup his money and probably won't really care who buys it from him. NUFC supporters want success and they want it NOW, there timescale will never match that of any now owner or the laws of business either.