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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 11, 2010 00:10 Flag

    Am I the only one........

    Ashley does own the company and has to make the decisions, but we as customers have the right to say what we think of the goods being sold.

    He (ashley) is just doing what Lord Westwood, McKeigh, John Hall and Freddie Sheppard have done for the last fifty years take a lot of money out of the club and not want success. Dave Hilley (an ex player) wrote in his column a few years ago: "the board were quite happy to have them at forth or fifth in the second division rather than get promotion." A few ex players have said the same.

    The law of averages says we should have won about four or five cups and two titles in fifty years, for a club with as much money.

    We want to support our club without being ripped off by Ashley.