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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 21, 2008 02:49 Flag

    Championship football.....

    ...... will do you the world of good.

    Its the only way you will get rid of the high wage bill,

    It will atract young talent that want to actualy play for the shirt,

    It will get rid of those supporters that think its their god given right to be in the top four

    You will be able to rebuild properly and come back with a better, more honest, stronger squad that want to play rather than check their wage slip every 5 minutes.

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    • This guy predicted it back in September. I hope for your clubs sake that what he is saying is right.

      Also dug up some old posts by a guy called Martin T. He said he was disgusted at your fans behaviour to Mr Ashley back then. Seems that he may have had a point, the hostility Newcastle fans created had a detrimental affect on the team. One which even your messiah (how many do you have by the way) Shearer couldn't help you recover from.

      Food for thought Newcastle fans - get behind Ashley or face becoming another Leeds United.