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  • sunny sunny Sep 28, 2008 20:55 Flag

    Shearer is a joke!!

    I cant understand why geordies still worship shearer when at a time like this when newcastle really need him he has distanced himself from the job and just after sam alladyce was sacked...newcastle fc gave shearer his best football days and wealth and he claims he loves the club but it seems he only wants to be at newcastle when everything is rosy and not when they really need him like now..

    for that reason alone i think the man is a disgrace and how geordies still love him is beyond me atlesst kinear has come in to try and help eventhough he can be booted out at anytime...he has shown more balls than shearer...

    the real resolve of a dedicated fan of the club is to come and help when they really need it like now and not when a billionaire owner is there and its all rosy...what a joke shearer is!!!

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