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  • McMullan McMullan Oct 4, 2008 01:50 Flag

    Can I tell you the truth?

    I'm a West Ham supporter, who like many supported Keegan through his great Toon years, and his England years.

    The bloke's an escape artist, with no loyalty...he demeans the great name of NUFC (yes this does come from a Hammer).

    The Geezer's unstable, always looking for an excuse, have him back at your peril...he'll #$%$ off again when the tea lady brings the wrong buiscuits.

    You deserve better my Geordie pals.

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    • You're entitled to your opinion but many oldish farts like me remember his years as a player and sympathise with the reasons he left as manager the first time. Let's face it not many managers save you from relegation to the old 3rd division, have you playing the best football in the country and leave you with a great side sitting in a European place. I have some doubts about his ability to get us up to those heights again and let's face it part of Asley's problem with Kev is that Kev himself doubts he can do it with the gap between the top 4 and us but I feel he deserves the right to try without someone else buying the "talent". Otherwise we all die thinking "what if?..."

      Sorry about the drama at the end!