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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 5, 2009 20:44 Flag


    More drivel on ITV tonight Jan 5th. So called family, self money making promotion. If they did respect Gazza they wouldn't be on there in the first place.
    A lad with a serious mental problem--how low can family and TV sink. I've been onto ITV with my personal blast--you guys should do the same.

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    • Alan, we are fed vomit inducing programmes on a daily basis, Big Brother, X Factor and other 'let's laugh at the loonies' shows. This Gazza thing is just another one to get us chomping on our popcorn, clapping like seals and enjoying the entertainment. The only reason the Gazza programme is on this week is because they haven't found a 14 foot tall woman, with a 14 foot long tumor or a young kid in China with 4 heads to film.
      Do what I and anyone else with more than one braincell does..........don't watch Television.

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      • He clearly has serious psychological problems combined with the misfortune of having been born into his own family + having met J5B & Terry Venables.. but he's had enough help and advice over the years and abused his position of having a lot of luck --As for the press taking advantage of him - he has always thought that everyone had to be entertained by his antics.. read in his book about smashing TV sets etc.. on the plane whilst travelling back with the England team. Anyone who didn't play along was abused by him... official and players.. also writing the foreword in books about gangsters in Newcastle...he never wanted to take responsibility for anything .. only his own ego and childish mentailty (part of his physchological condition).

        I've heard enough of him. The more needy cases than him inside and outside of football and please don't compare him with Bobby Robson

      • I've been thinking about that one, boddie. Don't agree about the X-Factor. (brief cough)