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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 5, 2009 02:42 Flag


    Don't know about you guys but this continuous raising of Gazza's problems sickens me. Jose de Pomb--another one.
    We don't need reminding of the poor buggers demise. Genius downstairs, nothing much up top and a guy with a heart of gold. On the field he entertained himself and us, I think Spurs saw the best of him.
    Isn't it sad to see Sir Bobby Robson's decline now, the one man who could maybe have helped. I've got a horrible feeling that this could be the final year of the pair of them.
    I remember the story of Paul in his local corner shop back home years ago. Surrounded by young admiring kids he gave the guy behind the counter 20 quid and said keep them supplied with Mars bars until it runs out.
    You guys out there leave him alone---we can only hope Paul.

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    • More drivel on ITV tonight Jan 5th. So called family, self money making promotion. If they did respect Gazza they wouldn't be on there in the first place.
      A lad with a serious mental problem--how low can family and TV sink. I've been onto ITV with my personal blast--you guys should do the same.

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      • Alan, we are fed vomit inducing programmes on a daily basis, Big Brother, X Factor and other 'let's laugh at the loonies' shows. This Gazza thing is just another one to get us chomping on our popcorn, clapping like seals and enjoying the entertainment. The only reason the Gazza programme is on this week is because they haven't found a 14 foot tall woman, with a 14 foot long tumor or a young kid in China with 4 heads to film.
        Do what I and anyone else with more than one braincell does..........don't watch Television.