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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 25, 2009 22:57 Flag


    It's not entirely out of the question if new owners come in etc. The club's still hovering in the wilderness and in grave danger of going down.
    But could the much needed revival kick off again if Kevin was attracted back, is there time left this season?
    Obviously the transfer window's growing shorter but at least he could install confidence in the players and bring hope back to the fans.
    It will probably never happen, but a Keegan--Shearer link up could be the dream if Shearer would come down off his high horse for a bit.

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    • We don't need a miracle to avoid the drop, we only need the tiniest bit of luck and having a bit of faith makes the unbearable bearable. Bring it all on I say, the sooner we get to the beginning of next season with every team on the same points in the EPL, including us, the better I'll like it.

    • What is it with you lot and bl**dy Shearer and Keegan, For the love of the game would you guys just let it go. Keegan walked out on you, he walked out on the club and the fans. You are a super loyal bunch of supporters who are second to none supporting your club. Did you all boycott when bad decisions were made, no you didnt, you go the game week in and week out. Keegan bottled England and Newcastle twice and was indifferent at Man City. Alan Shearer has NO management experience, why do you assume he would be any good, just cos he played for Newcastle.

      Alan Shearer may have been an amazing player but a great manager that does not make.

      I hope for your sake Kevin Keegan does not go back to Newcastle and Shearer stays away. You need someone hungry for success who can attract international players of quality and get some harmony back in the dressing room....

    • He would only walk out again !!!

    • IF Keegan came back, IF Shearer became interested, IF new owners came in and it all must happen virtually next week for it to have any effect on this season, you are hoping for a bit much I think but there's nothing wrong with hoping I guess. Personally, I am just hunkered down to one match at a time. We have as much chance as a dozen other teams to stay up at this point but EVERY match from here on in is a make or break match in my books and every 3 pointer is gold. I am sure the boys are trying as best they can, we can but wait and see and hope. Anyway, if we did go down, which I don't think we will, it is not the end of the world, we been there before and came back with a vengence. As I said, one game at a time.