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  • toontoon toontoon Feb 3, 2009 01:16 Flag

    Transfer policy?!

    What a frustrating thing to see one of our best player leaving! I guess no one would disagree Shay's been very few most consistent players in our squad since our glory times in late 90's/ early 2000. I can't describe how disappointed I was seeing him leaving us. Though I do not blame for his intention to go.. as he said, it is ENOUGH!!! leave the bloody team run by a bunch idiots and played by players who do not really want to play for the club. What transfer policy have they established at the club? getting no one and letting great players leaving?!! Absolutely idiotic!

    I dont blame great ppl (eg. shearer) for not coming back to coach the team, if I were them, I will be the same until the moment we have all the idiots cleared off the club.

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