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  • Alan H Alan H Mar 31, 2009 05:51 Flag

    They've All Got To Go

    Joe Kinnear's done his best and he seems determined to be at the club for a while no matter what.
    But whatever the outcome come the end of the season, him and the entire backroom staff just have to go the journey--it's the only way forward for me.
    Ashley'll finish up giving the bloody club away the way things are shaping up, he should cut his losses and pi-s off.

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    • Ashley when you buy something thats not the end , you have to work at it. You have the best set of supporters in the land one of the best week in week out attendances in the prem. Listen to the supporters and do something constructive, Wise was the wrong way forward let him go. Get back to basics before you ruin NUFC thats if you havnt allready.

    • NUFC is actually a good buy for the right owners, even if it is not (heaven forbid) in the EPL at the time of purchase.

      The potential is enormous, given geographic location, fan base, commercial market, history etc.