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    Geordie Icon to help with latest attempt to pull Newcastle United out of the s**t.
    No experience needed,but must have past association with the club and have enough magnetism to deflect supporters thoughts from the glaringly obvious.
    The primary function of the post will be to motivate a bunch of useless w***ers by use of charisma, tales of trophy winning exploits (if available) and images of heart thumping,tear enducing stories of successful applicants career.
    The salary will be commesurate with such a high profile appointment,£100k per game (to a minimum of 8 games) and a bonus of £1 million if still in the land of milk and honey next season.

    Geordies. FFS get a grip.Sentiment has no place in modern day football.Ex players,Geordie folk heroes,or media favorites do not turn a bunch of money grabbing , wasting p****s into a decent team in 8 games.Desire and good coaching will,and Shearer coming back will not produce this.
    Oh yeah I forgot,the celebrated tactical genius that is Ian Dowie has been brought in to school the side in exactly what will be required to hit the ground running in the Championship next season.
    Dont tell me the are not far better suited applicants any where who could not have been found,even on a temporary basis for £1.8 mill for an 8 game spell.
    Please dont take the above as some random #$%$ take , I am just amazed that after everything that has gone before you still revert back to type.
    The Shearer feelgood factor has to kick in over the next 3 games,if not I do believe you will be gone forever.

    Good Luck.